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Shindokan Budo-Long Island offers traditional martial arts (Jujutsu, Classical Japanese Sword, and Tai Chi). We have separate children's classes for students 4 years of age and older. Children are given the opportunity to succeed in a positive environment. Our instructors help all students to learn focus, discipline, respect and the self confidence one gains from knowing self defense.

We have experience working with children that have various needs. Children with ADHD and other focus related challenges will benefit from our positively structured, disciplined Jujutsu classes.


We have a thriving Teen Community here at Shindokan Budo-Long Island. Made up of young people from middle and high schools from all over. Weekly Teen Class helps these students build strong peer relationships, both on the mat and in their lives outside the dojo. There are special events and teen activities at various times throughout the year. All students learn to support one another and are given skills to help them in school, at home, and life in general.

Shindokan Budo - Long Island


80 Broadway
Greenlawn, NY, USA

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