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Classes, seminars & Special events

Children's classes

(Ages 4-11) are offered daily and while disciplined also provide training,  practice and learning in an enjoyable and fun atmosphere. Classes based on rank and age are  offered to provide each child with a unique training experience. We strive to develop mental,  emotional, and physical strength in our children and we also have extensive experience  working with children with special needs. As we watch them progress through the program,  we see consistent growth in confidence, self-discipline, and focus. The children’s program also  includes special events such as Night of the Samurai, Dodgeball Tuesdays and parties  throughout the year. 

Teen Classes

(Ages 12-19) are fast-paced and high energy and are designed specifically for teenagers. Weekly teen night classes include training and techniques not generally covered in the adult or children’s classes and are also designed to provide peer support for those children transitioning from children to adult classes. The Teen program also includes field trips and get-togethers outside of the dojo such as Teen BBQs, Laser tag Night, and Trampoline Park excursions.

Teen Classes
Adult classes

Allow older students to choose training classes every day of the week. Our  philosophy of cooperation and self-challenge is designed to encourage students to progress  both physically and mentally. All senior students are expected to help junior-ranked students.  Competition is only within yourself. Beginning a martial art as an adult can be overwhelming  and a tremendous challenge. All we ask is that you always try your best and aspire to improve  each time you come to class. If you walk away from each class with one more sit-up done, one  more technique learned, and a positive experience each day, then you are successful!  Supervised open mat sessions are available where students may practice on their own. We  encourage all students to train hard and train frequently. Students may select any day of the  week to train and are encouraged to experience every class that is offered within their rank.

Semi-private & Private 

Semi-private & private lessons are available to all students at all rank levels and are given by a head instructor.

Special guest seminars

These seminars are planned throughout the year and give students valuable experiences that enhance their own training. All students at all rank levels are invited to attend.

Semi Private
Special Guest Sem.
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