Our Instructors

We have a fantastic team of caring and supportive instructors. All Shindokan Budo - Long Island staff are passionate about making a lasting impact in the lives of our students, through their tireless dedication and drive to share their own knowledge and experiences. Get to know our committed team and their role in continuing our educational tradition.

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KENNETH A. STAGNARI SENSEI, DOJO CHO, HEAD INSTRUCTOR, began his study of martial arts concentrating in Japanese Jujutsu, in June 2000 in Long Island, NY.In November 2006, after dedicated study, Stagnari Sensei  earned the rank of Shodan (1st degree black belt). Stagnari Sensei also holds the rank of Nidan (2ndblack belt) in Hakko Densho Ryu Jujutsu. In 2018, Stagnari Sensei joined the Sekai Dentokan Bugei Renmei (World School of Traditional Martial Arts Federation) with his primary focus in Aikijujutsu, an advanced branch within the Hakkoryu Jujutsu system, training directly under Sandra Smith Shihan. With extensive training and dedication, Stagnari Sensei was promoted to the rank of Yondan (4thblack belt) in the art of Dentokan Aikijujutsu.

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ANDREW KELAPIRE SENSEI, DOJO CHO, HEAD INSTRUCTOR, began his study of martial arts in Rochester, NY, concentrating on Taekwondo beginning in 1990. Kelapire Sensei trained for several years in different locations before beginning his study of Hakkoryu Jujutsu on Long Island, NY in 2006 and in March, 2017, after training for several years, Kelapire Sensei earned the rank of Shodan (1st degree black belt).  In 2018, while training in Hakkoryu, Kelapire Sensei joined the World School of Traditional Martial Arts Federation, (Sekai Dentokan Bugei Renmei) focusing primarly in Aikijujutsu, an advanced branch of Hakkoryu Jujutsu. Currently, Kelapire Sensei trains directly under Sandra Smith Shihan. Kelapire Sensei was promoted to the rank of Nidan (2thblack belt) in the art of Dentokan Aikijujutsu in 2019.

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SANDRA SMITH SHIHAN, began her study of martial arts in 1991, in Albuquerque,  New Mexico training in Kajukenbo under Professor Gerald Chavez. After training in various styles for several years while located in different parts of the U.S. she began  her study of Hakkoryu Jujutsu in 2000. In 2019 Sandra Smith became the 1st  woman to achieve the rank of Shihan, 5th degree black belt, within the Dentokan Aikijujutsu system within the Hakkoryu branch, training under Roy Jerry Hobbs, Hanshi (founder of the Sekai Dentokan Bugei Renmei). Smith Sensei also actively trains in Tai Chi Chuan (W.C.C. Chen, Yang Style Short Form) and is a nationally certified Woman’s Self Defense Instructor through the National Woman’s Martial Arts Federation.

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MATTHEW UBERTINI SENSEI, began his study of Japanese Jujutsu and self defense in 1987, Iaido in 1999, and Kendo in 2002. Ubertini Sensei is one of the few licensed budoka teaching authentic traditional and koryu martial arts on Long Island and in NYC.  Shindokan Budo-LI is honored to have him leading our sword program, Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iai Heiho (Classical Japanese Sword) in which he holds the rank of Shidoin Menkyo.Ubertini Sensei has also earned teaching level Dan grades in Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate, AUSKF Kendo and Goshinjitsu. He has also extensively studied and trained in other traditional and modern martial arts such as Military and Law Enforcement tactics, Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu, Ono-Ha Itto Ryu Kenjutsu, Judo, Brazilian Jiujutsu and Shotokan.Ubertini Sense's mission and objective is to properly disseminate the spirit and techniques of traditional budo with applied self defense.

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FRANK PFEIFFER SIFU. has been studying Tai Chi Chuan for over 20 years. Initially beginning his study in order to improve his health and to regulate his stress level after suffering a major automobile accident, Master Frank used his Tai Chi practice to help rehabilitate both his body and mental attitude to the point where he was participating in, and winning, champion level competitions. Master Frank Pfeiffer not only  received his Teacher Certificate by Grandmaster William CC Chen, he also     traveled to Taiwan and passed a rigorous examination in order to receive an internationally recognized Black Belt certification from IKFF-Taiwan. In 2015 he was bestowed the “Master” title from Grandmaster Chen in New York City. Additionally, from 2010 through 2015 he also studied under the last Master Luis Molera learning Taiji Fan, Staff and Shibashi qigong. Master Frank returned from his latest competition in 2018 having won three gold medals in three separate divisions!